As a heart-based children's media and performing arts company we create high quality live performances and related activities that compliment classroom curriculum and provide families with compassionate live and web-based entertainment.  Presently, we are looking to collaborate with individuals, schools and businesses interested in developing and foster ongoing programming and partnerships on issues related to social competency, environmental education, literacy and nutrition. Our programs have been approved and endorsed by top educators and universities. 

Sammy Cares is the outreach arm of www.imaginestudios.org and features live, multi-media performances of New England Foundation for the Arts Touring Artist, world class ventriloquist, vocalist and puppeteer Lesley Smith, and her characters, starring Sammy Snail. Sammy Cares nonprofit programs benefit communities by providing free or low cost inspiring programs for children and families at-risk in schools, daycares, hospitals, theaters and homeless shelters. These interactive performances include ventriloquism, theatrical puppetry and music, promoting social competency skills, conflict resolution, environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles.

As a qualifying company you can increase the public's awareness of your business name and logo by sponsoring live educational performances designed to ultimately reach millions of  preschool and school age children via our developing website. For a complete list of sponsorship levels please call us at 603-498-8876 or Contact Kristine Malpica from Imagine Studios at 978-834-0367

What Is A Sponsorship?

Your sponsorship will provide funding to produce and deliver educational performances and products in the school districts or communities of your choice. Opportunities include sponsoring live stage performances, developing website, animated online books, printed books and/or Internet programs. As an individual or a qualifying company you can choose how you would like to serve target audiences with specific programming. You can have your company brand tastefully displayed with a tag line on a program page on www.sammysnail.com, printed support materials and/or games. Specially created press releases help build community awareness of your commitment to quality education. Publicity is garnered through social media, newspaper articles, television specials, special interest stories, and radio broadcasts. Your financial support makes a difference.

How Can We Work Together?

Together we can support educators and community leaders in role modeling the kinds of skills our children need to face social, economic, environmental and technological challenges. We provide you with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and their families through valued donations that contribute to a variety of dynamic learning programs. This is a unique opportunity to encourage the performing and visual arts, promote educational initiatives and build strong, healthy communities that benefit every child.

Why Use Live Theater?

Since 1998, the Theater of Life Puppets has charmed and educated over 1 million children and adults in communities all over the northeastern United States and beyond. Testing has proven that educators believe that the use of live theater increases students' capacity to retain key concepts. The power of theater is used to develop critical thinking as well as to engage the imagination. We develop performances and programs at the request of school districts that are researched, tested and approved for their effectiveness. Through the power of imagination, the children and audience experience a connection with our puppet characters and in particular Sammy Snail. This playful and enthusiastic relationship encourages children to practice healthy behaviors and social competency skills that are role modeled in each program.

What Does the Research Say?

Less than 15 percent of students are auditory learners, students that process information primarily through hearing it. Visual learners, who process information primarily by seeing pictures, account for 40 percent of students. Kinesthetic learners, who respond best to hands-on learning, are the largest group; fully 45 percent of students need immediate sensory stimulation to learn effectively. Arts help visual and kinesthetic learners- in fact, all students - to learn more quickly, retain what they have learned, and feel more positive about learning.

Contact us today to discuss your concerns for education and healthy communities and how we can develop a sponsorship program that will meet your needs! Call 603-498-8876 or Email